Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adobe Acrobat X Suite


Adobe Acrobat X Suite Multilingual

Adobe Acrobat X Suite maximize the power of Acrobat Dynamic PDF to create and deliver breakthrough business communications. Quickly capture, edit, and combine digital content, right from your desktop. Touch up and enhance digital images. Build captivating rich media presentations, complete with video clips, screen recordings, narrations, and navigation. Easily create fillable forms from scratch or a variety of included templates. And assemble it all in a polished PDF Portfolio.

Adobe Acrobat X Suite includes:

  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Captivate ® 5
  • Adobe Presenter 7
  • Adobe LiveCycle ® Designer ES2
  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5
Product Features :
  • Adobe Acrobat X Suite includes: Acrobat X Pro? Prepare, protect, and deliver professional PDF communications
  • Photoshop CS5? Add highquality visuals to your business communications with the industry standard for image editing
  • Adobe Captivate 5? Rapidly combine audio, video, screen recordings, slides, and more into a rich media experience
  • Adobe Presenter 7? Quickly transform static PowerPoint slides into compelling, interactive presentations
  • Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2? Create professional forms from templates or design them from scratch Adobe Media Encoder CS5? Convert a-wide variety of video formats into an Adobe Flash Player compatible format
Introducing Adobe Acrobat X Suite
Maximize the power of Acrobat Dynamic PDF to help you deliver breakthrough business communications. Quickly capture, edit, and combine digital content - right from your desktop. Touch up and enhance digital images. Create captivating rich media presentations, complete with video clips, screen recordings, narrations, transitions, and clickable navigation. Easily create fillable forms from scratch or a variety of included business templates. Then assemble it all in a polished PDF Portfolio that anyone can experience with free Adobe Reader software *.


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